100% Compostable and Recyclable Packaging.

Organics Waste Collection Service

What we offer to help your business dispose of your Planetware products and food waste.

Custom Printing

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Our materials are what define us

what we use and why we use it

Hot Cups for all of your espresso and filter needs. No Plastic, no bad tastes.

Our cups are made with Forest Friendly Certified Paper, with a plant-based PLA lining and Lid making them fully recyclable and compostable when disposed of correctly. 

This also means there are no harsh chemicals like BPA that are at risk of seeping into your hot drink. 

hot cups

Clear cups made entirely from PLA, a plant-derived polymer.

PolyLactic Acid (PLA) is derived from corn starch, a renewable resource, as opposed to petrochemical based plastics.

This makes our clear cups 100% compostable...which essentially means these cups can return to the soil instead of ending up in our oceans.   

cold cups

Our food packaging is made of a waste bi-product of the sugar cane industry.

These clamshell boxes give a new life to what was traditionally a 'waste' product. 

And our cutlery is made of the same PLA material as is found in our cup range. 

food things

We are a company based in Melbourne.

about us

Since 2009, Planetware has been working extensively within the cafe and restaurant community, creating products that are both environmentally responsible and offer a practical alternative to conventional petrochemical products. 

We understand that our products life cycle starts before it reaches the cafe. They are created from renewable resources and sustainably sourced, from FSC certified forest friendly paper to recycled cardboard.