Q. There's been a lot of talk lately about waste, so what happens to your products once they've been used?

A. At the moment there are three main ways in which our products can be disposed;

           1) Composting

We like to think of composting as nature's recycling and it’s currently the best way to dispose of our products. Commercial composting is a relatively new industry but is becoming increasingly common in Australia and with your support it can continue to grow and expand. For more information on the availability of commercial composting facilities within Australia, we recommend contacting the Australian Organics Recycling Association http://aora.org.au/

           2) Recycling

If composting is not available then recycling is definitely the next best option. Contrary to popular belief, our products CAN be recycled and many waste facilities have been doing so for years! We would recommend talking to your local waste facility and/or council to find out if they are recycling these and if not, why not?! Some specialised waste facilities may also be able to upcycle our products as well - upcycling is a process whereby items are broken down into their constituent materials and are then converted into equal or higher grade objects without any loss of quality. This process is not typically possible with conventional plastic items as they can only be recycled into lower quality objects.

           3) Landfill

Landfill should definitely be used as a last resort to dispose of our products. Because of the toxic and potentially harmful items often disposed of in landfill facilities, these are routinely sealed up to avoid any leaching or seepage of chemicals back into the environment. Unfortunately this also means that any of our products that are placed into landfill are unable to break down, however the good news is that they will remain inert and will not create any long term toxic problems.

By using our products (all of which are plastic-free) we're creating a viable end-of-life option that is sustainable, renewable and with a manufacturing process that produces levels of approximately 70-80% less greenhouse gases than polystyrene and other plastic products, we think our products are the best choice you can make.


Q. Can I use my Credit Card securely on your website?

A. Yes our website uses a secure check-out employing the industry standard 256-bit encryption. This encryption actually covers the entire website so you know you can feel safe when buying from PlanetWare.


Q. You say you don't use plastic in your products, so what do you use? 

A. Our products are created using a substance called PolyLactic Acid (PLA) made from corn starch and as such are fully compostable and recyclable. We also use a variety of other sustainable alternatives such as forest-friendly paper, wood and cardboard.


Q. Why don't you use plastic?

A. While most of us grew up with plastic in pretty much everything, the reality is that virtually all of that plastic is still around in one form or another as plastic items take up to 1000 years to break down! And even when these items do finally break down they often release dangerous chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) that can cause a variety of health concerns.


Q. Why PlanetWare?

A. PlanetWare has worked extensively within the cafe and restaurant community and strives to produce products that are both environmentally responsible and offer a practical alternative to conventional petrochemical products. Recent estimates suggest that Australians use more than 1 billion takeaway coffee cups per year while the UK goes through more than 3 billion so the time to make the change to a better cup is now. 


Q. We already use paper cups so why are your products better?

A. The problem with paper cups is that most of them contain a thin plastic layer on the inside - this is why those paper cups doesn't dissolve when you fill them with liquid. Unfortunately because they're lined with plastic, this also means that they won't break down as per standard paper or bioplastic products. So at PlanetWare we use a PLA lining instead of the plastic layer so that our cups can be composted and will break down naturally.


Q. Who can buy from you?

A. We accept orders from new and existing customers. Most of our clientele are from the cafe, take-away & restaurant industries but we also supply our products to breweries, medical clinics, offices and even music festivals! Really anyone who wants to use our range of sustainably sourced products.


Q. I own a cafe and would like to buy in bulk, can you offer me wholesale rates?

A. Absolutely - for further information regarding wholesale purchasing options please contact us.


Q. How will you send my goods?

A. Products purchased through our website will be sent via courier which means you can track your shipment online. Tracking details will be provided once the order has been sent.


Q. I generally purchase the same stock every time I place an order. Is there a way I can save my favourite items to make it easy to purchase each time?

A. Yes! PlanetWare now offers a 'Wishlist' function which allows you to save all your favourite items and quickly and easily reorder them whenever you want. You can also share this list via email or social media. Note - customers need to be signed in to save and share their wishlist.

Q. How many units do I have to order?

A. We have no minimum order quantities for orders placed via the website however please note that all items are sold per full carton. Please check the quantity listed on the product page before ordering as not all products have the same amount of units in each carton.


Q. Can you produce your products with my designs on them?

A. Yes! We already have many existing customers who have created their own printed design for our cups. Everything from brand logos in one or two colours up to full colour custom designed images. If you're looking for ideas or would like to see some examples please click on our 'Case Samples' page or check us out on Instagram: @planetware. To get your own custom printing quote or to find out more information about available options, please contact us.

Q. How long does it take for you to ship our order?

A. If you've ordered with us before, we typically ship stock same (business) day for all orders received before 11am and next business day for orders received after that time. Shipping for new customers is typically next business day. If your order is urgent please contact us to discuss shipping options.


Q. Do you only ship to Australia?

A. No we have options to ship worldwide through our distribution networks however only Australian orders can be placed through the website. For all international ordering queries please contact us for further information.