Organics Waste Collection Service

We like to think of composting as nature's recycling

...and it’s currently the best way to dispose of our products.

Unfortunately most take-away cups are still ending up in landfill, which is why we are pleased to offer an Organics Waste Collection Service for our customers. 

How our Organics Waste Collection Service works:

1. Supply

We can supply your business with both internal and external bins (and compostable bin liners) that you can use to capture food waste, coffee grinds and Planetware packaging. 

2. Collection

Weekly collection, sorting and transport to our partnered waste-to-energy facility is organised. 

3. Processing

Organic waste is processed at our partner facility. It is fed into a system where it is anaerobically digested to produce Biogas. This gas is then burned to create electricity, which is used to power the facility itself, and its neighbouring facilities, with any excess power being returned to the grid.

4. Compost

The resultant digested waste can then be used as compost for parks and small scale farms, completing the life cycle of our products and returning them to the Earth to nourish the growth of other organics. 

The waste collected is not just diverted from landfill, its used as a resource and makes the circular economy a reality.

Please contact us to tailor a solution for your business. 

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